Tips on Keto Diet

A Keto diet involves the power of calorie restriction to provide people an effective way to lose weight and improve their health. This type of diet at requires high discipline and a lot of focus on your weight loss goals. The following are important tips for the keto diet:

Change Your Food Environment

ketoThe type of food in our environment can trigger our desires to eat. As soon as you have your eyes on food the brain is motivated to want to eat. To make it easier to stick to your keto diet you have to try and avoid food temptations. Only have keto-friendly food in your house. Hunger is a strong motivator and it doesn’t care about the rules.

Make sure you only have the healthiest keto foods, throw away all foods rich in carbohydrates. To prevent temptations, plan your meals ahead of time. While traveling ensure that you have pre-made meals or snacks and go to keto-friendly restaurants. Don’t forget your macronutrients goals, only eat the foods that you measure and track.

Track Your Macronutrients

Use a calorie tracking app and a scale to track your macros. Using both will ensure that you will be much more accurate in knowing how much you are consuming per meal. Avoid guesstimating it will cause you to eat more calories than you intend.

A food scale is a good option, it is more precise and will guarantee you the results you want. To find out what your calorie and macronutrient needs are, plug your information into the tracking app. It will tell you the number of calories and grams of fat, proteins, and carbs you are required to eat daily to achieve your desired weight.

Prepare for Keto Flu and Other Concerns

A Keto diet will cause many changes throughout your body and it is likely at first you won’t feel good. You will have a rapid loss of water and minerals like sodium and many keto diets will have flu-like symptoms during the first few days of keto dieting.

Some of the symptoms you may experience include; dizziness, nausea, cramping, stomach pains, muscle soreness, insomnia, irritability, etc. Most of these symptoms can be easily cleared up by drinking plenty of water and consuming food in minerals. If your flu symptoms go over a week, then the keto diet may not be the ideal diet for you. A ketogenic diet is usually not advisable for people with adrenal issues and hypothyroidism.


Do a Short Fast or Fat Fast

Going without earrings for several hours is a way to get into ketosis successfully. Many people opt to go into mild ketosis between dinner and breakfast. Intermittent fasting is a dietary fasting approach that involves regular short-term fasts that may induce ketosis.

Fat fasting involves consuming approximately 700-1,100 calories per fat around 80% of which comes from fat. A high fat intake together with a low-calorie intake may help you reach your ketosis goals before you know it. A fat fast may be inadequate, it should be followed for a maximum of 3-5 days.


Five Reason To Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is among the serious causes that lead to adverse health effects in the body. The points below will make you understand why you need to cut down on your sugar intake.

Reasons to reduce your sugar intake

Tooth decayTooth decay

Lots of sugar result to adverse effects on your teeth. Sugar is capable of affecting the integrity of the teeth and the PH and composition of the saliva. Therefore it is always advised by dentists to observe a clean
and healthy mouth hygiene.

Increases cancer infection rate

Sugar channels to different types of cancer like ovarian, esophageal, endometrial and pancreatic cancer. In a current investigation which consisted of 88,802 males, it was found that over 180 men were found with pancreatic cancer which was primarily caused due to insulin resistance. The research moreover confirmed that it was cases that had the intake of sugar which is the reason for inducing pancreatic cancer.

Quicken the aging process

Sugar causes exhaustion of collagen levels due to which the skin gets dry and several signs of aging begin to appear on your skin. Excess amounts of sugar in the blood leads to causing the process of glycation to take place whereby the glucose molecules directly stick to the amino acids. Glycation further results to various age-related ailments to occur in the body along with the premature aging of the skin.

Excessive intake of sugar results in high cholesterol levels in the body

It is the principal cause for weight gain and enhances the fat percentage of your body. Excess sugar in your meals increases the amount of LDL cholesterol which can result from to heart disease.


Obesity leads to Overweightmany health issues. It raises the risk of many health hazards in the body. A diet which contains sugar is predisposed to having an overweight body. Sugar is subject to weight gain and BMI
which is a point of concern in children. There is a growing interest in teenage obesity which further raises the peril of obesity in adults as well.

Eating few bananas or some sweet things once in a while can’t harm your body, however, if you have a sweet tooth and stick to a high sugar diet and there are some severe health complications in store for you. Therefore it is vitally necessary to adhere to a healthy and balanced diet and try to utilize microscopic processed sugar. Do not comprise on your health factor because of your sugar cravings, as this will help you, in the long run, to stay healthy and fit.