How to Buy the Right Alarm Clock

The truth is that alarm clocks have undergone a lot of transformation. Other than snooze and programmable alarms options, some of the modern ones are wi-fi accessible. They also support other functions such as live chat, email, and phone calls. Moreover, they provide you with other features such as brightness, time syncing, and more.

Alarm Features

These are some of the alarm features you ought to consider:

Alarm Customization

As you know, an alarm is designed to allow users to program the alarm based on individual requirements. The basic design allows for a few unique alarm times. On the other hand, advanced models allow up to 10 times. You can also find some that provide dedicated weekend and weekday alarms. Thus, you can sleep more on weekends.

Snooze Feature

When the users hit the snooze button, it does trigger delayed alarm, which allows them to rest and sleep for a few minutes. Usually, traditional alarms offer 15-minute snooze. On the other hand, modern ones allow you to customize the snooze duration as you want.


Other than the current time, an alarm clock can provide other important information. You can set this as the current temperature and date. The modern ones have LCD displays, which can be dimmed or brightened to match the user’s preferences. There are certain alarm clocks that project the time onto wall or ceiling surfaces. In this way, you can check the time without having to move in bed.

Sound Features

setting alarm clockAn important sound feature is the sleep music time. This offers you the opportunity to play music with the sleep timer. Maybe you like a quieter alarm and others in your family like a loud alarm. The good thing about modern alarm clocks is that it allows you to adjust the volume to the level you want. The average range for the alarm clock is 60 dB. Also, sound quality is paramount. That is the case if you want to play your favorite music. You can use stereo speakers of intensity and size.


You may need to adjust your alarm manually. Most of the alarm clocks available on the market are powered by AC outlets. You can still find some that use batteries. It is advisable to get USB charging alarm clocks that you can charge with your laptop or smartphone.