How to Be a Responsible Dog Pet Owner

We have our own reasons why we have pets in our homes. To some pet owners, they acquire pets for the tasks that they importantly perform in their households. Dogs are useful when a visitor has arrived whether that visitor is welcomed or not; our dogs let us know that someone is in our doorsteps or at our gate. For cats, they are used to frightened pests like rodents and cockroaches.

The more admirable kind of pet owners is those who acquire pets on a more personal reason. They take in pets in their homes for emotional support or companionship. In this kind of pet ownership, pets are more assured of a loving environment. In cases where pets are treated as companions, they become very attached to their owners which can be easily felt. This is one characteristic why dogs are preferred choices as pets to some pet lovers. Indeed, a day cannot pass without your dog trying to be cuddled and finding ways to lick you in the cheek with its tongue.

Dogs are the most emotional among all pets. They show incredible appreciation of the things you do to them. Here are some ways on how you can be the best pet owner to your pet dog.

Involve Your Dog in Your Recreational Activities

dog traveling buddyIf you are a fitness buff and you always start your day with jogging around your neighborhood, bring along your dog to exercise with you. Just like you, it is also good for his health. Going outdoors to camp in the woods or the nearest beach will also give relaxation to your beloved pet.

Don’t feel alone in your long road trips driving your own car. You can actually make a traveling buddy out of your pet. Get a good quality dog crate so you can have peace of mind traveling with your pet dog by reviewing the best dog crates in pet shops.

Provide a Complete Good Living Quarter

A dog house or a corner in your home which your pet dog can call his own is a requisite of a responsible dog pet ownership. Complete with mattress, it is where your dog rests and sleeps. Bowls for food and water should be left in another part of your house to prevent spillage of food and water. Spilled food may attract ants to dog houses which will cause irritation. With dogs’ ability to be trained, train your dog to pooh in a selected area.

Give Proper Hygiene and Health Care

Set a schedule when to bath your pet dog. Don’t wait until you don’t want your dog to come near you because of its awful smell. Once they are used to bathing, they also feel uncomfortable when you skip on the schedule. Set an appointment with a veterinarian to always check on the health status of your dog. A change in your dog’s behavior may connote underlying illness.

healthy dog mealBe Cautious with the Food You Give

While dogs can take in almost any edible object, you should give your dog the right food that provides proper nutrition. Dog food is maybe the safest but should incorporate variety. Check on its weight; you might be giving more than what your dog’s body needs. Just like humans, dogs are not healthy when they are overweight.

Set a Petting Schedule

Your pet dogs will always be longing for your attention. You can feel their disappointment if you ignore them. Never fail to at least touch them. Reciprocate their affection by a simple hug even when you just arrived home tired from work and you will get all the love you can get in this world from your pet dog.