How to Find the Best Podcast Station for You

It’s safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly altered our lives. Many people have lost their jobs, and children are no longer going to school. While people remain indoors as a precaution in helping curb the spread of the coronavirus, podcasts have become trendy. From true crime discussions on Small Town Dicks Podcast to celebrity news on Adoveli podcast, there are many shows and reasons to consider being a podcast fan. However, not all podcast channels offer the same exhilarating experience. Below are four tips that should help you find a suitable podcast station that’s binge-worthy.

Reviews and Ratings

podcastWhenever you are looking for products or services, the first thing to consider is what people have to say about their experience. Podcasts are very popular among the younger generations and around campuses. An online search should come in handy when looking for suggestions for podcast stations. However, not every recommendation from the search results will satisfy your expectations. For this reason, consider going through people’s feedback and ratings on different shows. This strategy will help you come up with a list of potential podcast channels. Also, you have to consider the genre of the discussed subjects. Different podcast hosts deal with a variety of topics and discussions. Avoid listening to conversations that do not interest you.

Streaming Platform

Several streaming platforms support podcasts. However, not all of the websites are accessible. Due to factors like geo-restriction, streaming software such as Spotify is not available in every nation. If you desire to utilize such platforms, it’s advisable to use a virtual private network. Apart from audio streaming, some podcast channels include visuals for their shows and conversations. Visuals should come in handy if the show is dealing with product reviews.


Do you want to listen to long or short conversations? Episodes can last from twenty minutes to several hours. Not everyone fancies long discussions hence why it’s necessary to consider the duration of the show. Also, consider what the gains are before spending your time on an episode. You are more likely to enjoy shows that have something to gain, whether physically or intellectually.


The production quality of the shows should be above standards. Some podcasts have interesting conversations yet inferior audio quality. Such aspects can make a good show rank as bad. As a listener, ensure that you do not spend hours struggling to listen to the discussions. With these tips in mind finding the right podcast should be effortless.