Things to Know Before Choosing Drone for Aerial Photography

Photography drones allow you to capture photos that could only be taken from planes or helicopters. A lot of photographers are now purchasing drones and trying a career in aerial photography. If you are new to photography and drones, then you have to understand that you need to get the right one. You have to consider a wide range of things, such as image systems, portability, service, and intelligent features.

Image Quality

As you know, sensors have a direct impact on image quality. The same applies to aerial photography drones.  When you have a large CMOS, it is quite easier to shoot quality footage even in low light, unless you want to shoot at night.

4K Video

drone taking picturesYou should note that video resolutions can vary from low-quality HD to 4K. If you are going to filter and upload to Instagram or Facebook, then you can shoot in 1080p. However, if you are a vlogger or want to have a cinematic video, then you should be ready to work in 4K. Remember that video editing reduces the footage resolution because of scaling, cropping, and rotating. When you start with 1080p, the resulting video is considerably less sharp. Fortunately, with 4K video, you can have a lot of additional pixels you can play with.

RAW/DNG Support

If you are not editing the video after production, you can ignore this. However, nearly all photographers edit their photos the way they want. When you choose a photography drone that shoots RAW/DNG photos, you will have a lot of editing options. That is because, in this format, the photo records a lot of data that is received in the camera’s sensor. It is great for nighttime shoots. With this capability, you will have a lot of possibilities when it comes to aerial photography.

Stable Hovering

You want a drone that hovers perfectly. If it cannot hover, it is going to drift, fall, or rise, producing blurry images. Thus, you have to check whether the drone has onboard sensors and flight control systems.

Mounted Gimbal

A gimbal is a critical piece of equipment if you want steady videos. Ideally, without a gimbal, you will have a shaky video. It is a good idea to choose a camera drone with the mounted gimbal to prevent this.