Understanding Pelvic Floor Muscles and How to Train Them

Have you heard of “pelvic floor muscles” before? No? Well, you are in luck because through this article you will learn what they are and how to train them. Training your pelvic floor muscles daily can have rewarding results for your overall health and condition. It can prevent unwanted conditions like genital prolapse or incontinence, especially for women who just gave birth. You should check out pelvic floor strong and their pelvic floor strong reviews for a specialized program that trains the pelvic floor muscles in a fun and informative way that can help you have healthy and strong continence.

What are Pelvic Floor Muscles?

Well, I am glad you asked. The pelvic floor muscles are a collection or a set of muscles that supported important organs like the uterus, urethra, and colon. Without the existence of pelvic floor muscles, all of these organs would fall out of place. We all can urinate and defecate through the support of the pelvic floor muscles without them it would not be possible. Even to function sexually would have to be supported by the pelvic floor muscles because they hold the vagina in place.

What Are the Benefits of Pelvic Floor Muscles?

For starters, aside from all of the mentioned above. The pelvic floor muscles can help improve your bladder and bowel control; therefore, you are able to hold in those movements and release them at your will to avoid any embarrassing accident from transpiring. For a woman, who just gave birth having strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles can make postpartum recovery faster and easier. For a man, who just happens to undergo prostate treatment or surgery, if he has strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles then the same goes. Faster and easier recovery.


Are there any other benefits for both sexes? Funny you should ask. They do have other benefits besides the aforementioned above. If you train your pelvic floor muscles daily, they can help you achieve orgasm easier as they are able to increase the sexual satisfaction that you get from having sexual intercourse. Overall, having strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles can only be beneficial in improving your quality of life.

How Do You Train Them?

To train them might be tricky because it requires a bit of technique and feeling to get the exercise going. You would need to have a sense of lifting the muscles around your anus and genitals upwards then release them once you hit the peak contraction. Repeat this cycle for a number of 8 to 12 repetitions for a good range of 4 working sets. Another way to add some icing on the cake is by holding the “lift” sensation for a couple of seconds before releasing them. Remember to stay focused and breathe normally. If you feel any pain, then you should consult a medical expert specialized in the area.

Final Words

Having strong and healthy pelvic floor muscles can benefit you in various ways and improve your overall living quality. If you encounter any discomfort within the muscles then we strongly advise you to consult a doctor that specializes in pelvic floor muscles.

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